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I. There are more bodies than I expected. It makes the silence immeasurably more uncomfortable.
II. I can’t say I approve of what Fenne has been doing with the remains. Although his tactics seem to have proven effective, it's unsettling to look at or think about.
III. U.R.S.A. is more mobile than initially anticipated-- Amsel appears to have put it in his ocular implant.
IV. The communication towers are to be avoided, for the time being. They smell strongly of ozone.
V. Fenne is proficient with a rifle. Good with one, even. I'm not sure where he picked up the skill, but I will be delving further into his background.
VI. Regardless, Tom Wreke is an incredibly lucky man. (It doesn't seem to run in the family.)
VII. Clark and U.R.S.A. remain in another location, but the remaining group seems to have split up. Wonder why?
VIII. Fairweather and the Cowboy seem closer, despite the Cowboy's horrible 'all right' jokes.
IX. Dr. Scoresby has a brother, and the fear of God has been instilled within me once again.
X. He is rather attractive, and it looks like someone else has taken note. I've updated my site accordingly.

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